Saturday, November 10, 2007

Peel back the onion

So, I finally started to reveal some indication of who I am, and what I look like. So my profile shows one of the more sober pictures of me from a Halloween party doing my best Hunter S. Thompson. The party was a furious drunken blast... and I remember large parts of it, which is sometimes a good thing. My wife was looking evil as some kind of zombie red-riding hood (packaged and sold as "Little Dead Riding Hood", available at your local Wal-Mart). We had a real good time, and a fair number of people actually knew who I was trying to be, thanks Johnny Depp. Other popular guesses:
  • DeNiro from Cape Fear
  • Panama Jack
  • Some tourist
  • Johnny Depp from "Blow" (some credit for being confused but close)
  • Some asshole
I polished off a fifth of Gentleman Jack within my first hour or so there, on the rocks. Great way to start a great evening. And yes, my friend's house has a stripper pole. Guaranteed to attract drunks.

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