Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Delete your Mindset! Move out of your Stronghold!

Wow. What a stinking load of horse shit. As I sit in my hotel room, I can't help but watch this Joel Osteen douchebag unload his snake oil for the believers. It is truly amazing how he can continously speak and not say anything. He barely breathes, as he draws out his southern lispy soft-spoken gibberish.

Shift into a new season through the Lord.
Break the stronghold.
I am a vicTOR and not a vicTUM
Delete that mindset!

So apparently, ignorant optimism and mindless belief in the supernatural will SOLVE ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS!

I know, this is too easy, but I can not help it. As an athiest, I find myself listening to more of these idiots than I EVER tolerated in my half-ass theism.

"Why can't I write this BOOK that GOD PUT IN ME"!!! He actually said that!

EVERYONE is supposed to be a fucking superstar. No one is SUPPOSED to be mediocre. Its your weak faith to blame for your shortcomings. He is all about shortcomings. Feed off of their self loathing... there is no short supply of that.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Attention All Fighting American Soldiers: Stop Looking at Dirty Pictures.

Those sick bastards have really gone too far this time. I am officially outraged. I am logging in on a business trip and going strong after a 15 hour day of travel and work. Finally able to drink a beer and catch up on email, then I read about the Army crackdown on smut magazines. Of course, the Republicans have found something new to ruin... and to take away from what tiny little bit of escape these boys (yes, I am focusing on the male soldier here) have.

Look, I was a soldier, and I don't need to get into the details. Those magazines are not a LIFE saver per se, but they certainly help with morale and to get through those horribly lonely days and nights. Sure, midevel knights and vikings didn't have porn mags, but they did a few more damaging things than your standard issue Army soldier. For example, pillaging has been pretty much eliminated (pretty much).

The real problem is that the Republicans have demonized another morality issue, and they are going after our troops. The chanters of "SUPPORT THE TROOPS" who do more to put them ill-equiped into the receiving end of IED shrapnel, and more to take them away from their families by endlessly extending their tours, those very same hypocrits are taking away their shiny, mindless spank-magazines.

It is noteworthy that publications like Hustler and Penthouse are fiercely critical of the wars and the right-wing agenda. I don't think that is a big secret, but it has to make you wonder. Do they really actually think that porn magazines lead to aggressive acts towards women? Just like how TV and video games INVENTED violence. They are obviously to blame for the holocaust and the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition.... OOPS. I came full circle, put the blame back on where it belongs... sick extreme ideology birthed in the womb of religious dogma and impossible to interpret tennents of faith.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Am I Evil?

There is no doubt that I am a person who is able to embrace my darker side. That is something I am comfortable with. I like to drink, have wild sex, party, etc... that constitutes about 2% of my total time on this earth. I think about doing those things another 30% of the time, or so. I have regularly posted that I feel I am also a great father, loving and loyal husband, and well respected professional. So what is the deal? Am I good or bad?

So the point is that I'm neither. There are few absolutes in life, especially when it comes to the complexity and contradictions of human behavior.

I happily revel in my ill behavior. At my job I am regularly joking about how reckless I was at a party, or how I crashed a wedding, got thrown out of a bar by my own friend, or how I.... you get the point. I also am quietly open about my lack of belief, as many of my coworkers are quietly and respectfully open about their theism. We all get along, work well together, and like each other for the most part.

So here is the fun part, the "oh shit!" moment, the "Luke, I am your father" part. My brother is a born again evangelical Christian, and an active member of his church. He is mentoring troubled kids while playing bass for a Christian metal band. They are pretty good.

My brother has had his share of tough luck, bad decisions, addictions, and general debauchery. He is really a good person with good intentions. However, he does not do well with drinking or any type of controlled substance... 2 things he has done quite a bit of. He came out of his latest incarceration as changed as I have ever seen him. He had a purpose and conviction to make a difference, get his act together, and stay clean.

I'm proud of my brother. I respect his decision. Do I believe in the same fantasy? No. Do I think he is out there doing good things? Yes. Am I doing as much as he is. No. I donate to charity. The rest of my wife and my paychecks go to living our slightly better than average lifestyle. Do I plan to change this... That doesn't matter. This blog is my difference, or at least a start. And this post, is just the beginning of that conversation.