Friday, March 28, 2008

super-Dad businessman warrior poet renaissance ninja bad-ass.

So this site sponsors a personality test that is supposed to tell you that you may believe in god, EVEN if you DO NOT, because of your GENETICS! Its religion piggybacking on the confusion brought on to the masses by science... it is bullshit in one of its higher forms.

This is worse than white teens rapping and dressing like gangsters. This is blue trying to be red. This is disgusting. And they didn't even bother to acknowledge (clearly) that they ripped off Myers-Briggs blatantly for religious purposes.

My genetics make me believe in god, but my brain makes me rational. Maybe I outgrew it.

Yes, I fell for clicking on one of those links that make it into atheist sites google ads.

Yes, I am dumber now for suffering that shit. It was pure masochistic curiosity that made me sit through that 20 minute pile of shit.

I am confident.
I feel for others pain.
I love my kids.
I don't hate.
I am rational.
I love art and poetry.
I love science and reason.
I enjoy others.
I lead.
I am fair.
I am social.
I take initiative.
I follow through.
I am sympathetic to the human condition.
I am successful.
I am happy.
I love life MORE than someone waiting for the BIG PAYOFF
I am KING SHIT OF FUCK MOUNTAIN, why would you want to fuck with me?? (Bob Odenkirk)


Its late, I'm tired. I am worn out from being super-Dad businessman warrior poet renaissance ninja bad-ass.

Raising Secular Children: Part 2

My daughter is just over 2 years old now. She is picture perfect, as doll-baby as a little girl can look with big brown eyes, a tiny chin and mouth, and the Japanese cartoon girl look that her mother has given her. She is very talkative at this age, and beginning to understand counting, spatial relationships, colors, the alphabet, you name it. Today, she sneezed and in the most adorable little high-pitched mimicking of adult language, she said "bess-yoo".

I can not help but laugh, she has done this a few times now. I of course realize that she does not know the meaning of this, but it is a great example of how our society promotes this behavior and begins the programming early on. You see, she no doubt got this from our daycare provider.

We have only been with this woman for about 4 months, but in this time our daughter has made leaps and bounds in language skills and word meanings. Her knowing that sneezing requires a "bless you" is new, she doesn't get it from her family. The provider is pretty good, and a necessary evil for my wife and I to live in our beautiful home and enjoy a higher quality of life. So yeah, we're greedy, and my wife is not a "housewife" at heart... she wants to work to a large extent.

So we have daycare, and we are at risk of Christian indoctrination of our daughter. I am not afraid. I chose to allow my son to make his own decisions, trying my best not to let my beliefs be obvious. I allowed him to challenge religions (why do people kill each other over religious beliefs? which leads to "who's right?). I refused to tell him what I believe outright, but I will say that you should consider all the options and take away the good concepts from all of them (although a disproportionate amount of the good comes from eastern philosophy religions, not the partisan sectarian contradictions of sky-god religions). My son told me almost voluntarily a while back that he doesn't believe "any of it". My twelve year old does not think he is going to heaven when he dies, and he is OK with that... he does believe in ghosts still. That is much more believable than gods, devils, arcs, prophecies in his eyes. I don't take that away from him, some of the most fun I had as a kid involved what I thought to be supernatural occurrences.

Hell, he is still young, and may embrace Jesus or Muhammad when he is 14, then worship the devil when he is 18 (why not? the devil is way less evil than sadistic bastard Yahweh, and maybe he can turn it into a sweet death metal career). Meanwhile, I will giggle and wait when I hear my daughter say "bess yoo" in her adorable little perfect girlish voice.

Children and work are my immortality. Parents are gods in the eyes of children, there is no more real god than that.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Expelled again...

Ben Stein and the ID goofballs are on the move. The release date for "Expelled", the pro-creationist movie portraying a persecution of ID supporting scientists, and the ID community in general. Now, the funnier part... biologist PZ Myers, who is interviewed in the movie and thanked for his involvement, was asked to leave before the film began by the movie's producers. Embrace the irony... a movie called Expelled about rejecting non-conforming belief booted a noted biologist who WAS IN THE MOVIE from the movie, which thanks him for his time. Apparently, the event was open invitation and Myers was accused of gate crashing.

Anyway, the story is best told by Richard Dawkins who was with Myers at the screening, and was not removed, which is in itself very strange. If I were on the other side of this argument, I would probably be quite afraid of Dawkins being there over about anybody, but I digress. Click here or here for either side, and here for a link to the video.

As for everything else in life, I have been quite busy working the equivalent of two jobs over the past month or so. I am happy to say that things are going very well, and may end up resulting in the ability to expand my time and resources towards this cause. I really can not imagine anything better in life rather than contributing towards a brighter future for humanity. This is what raising children is all about to me, and it is what education and open-mindedness are all about to me.