Sunday, March 23, 2008

Expelled again...

Ben Stein and the ID goofballs are on the move. The release date for "Expelled", the pro-creationist movie portraying a persecution of ID supporting scientists, and the ID community in general. Now, the funnier part... biologist PZ Myers, who is interviewed in the movie and thanked for his involvement, was asked to leave before the film began by the movie's producers. Embrace the irony... a movie called Expelled about rejecting non-conforming belief booted a noted biologist who WAS IN THE MOVIE from the movie, which thanks him for his time. Apparently, the event was open invitation and Myers was accused of gate crashing.

Anyway, the story is best told by Richard Dawkins who was with Myers at the screening, and was not removed, which is in itself very strange. If I were on the other side of this argument, I would probably be quite afraid of Dawkins being there over about anybody, but I digress. Click here or here for either side, and here for a link to the video.

As for everything else in life, I have been quite busy working the equivalent of two jobs over the past month or so. I am happy to say that things are going very well, and may end up resulting in the ability to expand my time and resources towards this cause. I really can not imagine anything better in life rather than contributing towards a brighter future for humanity. This is what raising children is all about to me, and it is what education and open-mindedness are all about to me.

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