Wednesday, July 23, 2008

State Sponsored Intolerance

I know there is nothing shocking about an Islamic state funding religious beliefs, but there is this little piece of news that is worth reacting to. The Saudi government funds and distributes school textbooks to all of Saudi Arabia, as well as much of the rest of the Islamic world. In these schoolbooks are lessons on how to love god (the Islamic one that is), and how to hate everyone else who doesn't love god (any other god, particularly Christians and Jews). I think it is safe to say they do not care much for non-believers either.

Well, the good news is that they cleaned up the newest version from a few years ago. The old one was a little more specific with who you should hate, and furthermore who you should kill (again, the pesky Christians and Jews, who have that eerily similar set of superstitions and crazy beliefs). Good stuff. I would like to think that even here in "God's America" there would be major outrage at our children's textbooks explaining how we are allowed to kill those who work on the sabbath, or others who worship competing gods.

Read the article here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Great Responses from the Community

I got this link from Atheist Revolution. A columnist in Georgia decided to try and subtly jab at the atheist community through his Saturday column. I'm not so much posting about the article itself, which is really just poorly written and uninformed garbage. What I'm actually impressed by is the stream of outstanding outcry that his article received.
I will credit the attention the article got to the blogger community, as I can't believe that many people actually would read this guy. Of course, I'm sure there are a lot of local columnists all over this great land that are not exactly brilliant journalists. No surprise that the article is weak... just that he is so easily and handily ripped to shreds in the comments the article gets. Go for the ignorance, stay for the slaughter.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Louisiana Improves Science

I don't mean to pick on Louisiana in general, that has been done well enough here.
It is disgusting that another victory has been won by those who are obviously trying to push religion into schools. And let me be clear... pushing religion into public schools is a violation of the constitution, an attack on freedom from religious persecution, and an outright assault on REASON. This is inexcusable, disturbing, and wicked on multiple fronts.

I can't pull punches about this kind of thing. When Gov. Bobby Jindal signs a bill into law that allows bullshit to be fed to open minded, easily influenced kids, I have to protest. I read about this on a few of the other atheist blogs, and this is exactly the kind of thing I hope to prevent. I am not going to report on what happened, only bitch about it. Click on this or this to read good write ups.

The real kicker, the guy supposedly has an honors degree in biology. Judas!

This bill is clearly meant to back door religious doctrine into "controversial" topics, that are only controversial due to their challenging of the old scrap book of know-it-all uneducated desert primitives. At least Scientology comes from a noteworthy sci-fi hack who made some money.... the bible comes from poor nomadic ignorants, who due to the era and environment that they happen to be born in to HAD NO EXPOSURE TO SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE, or even what we know by the time we start high school. And christians make fun of scientologists wacky beliefs... its like watching 5th graders tell 4th graders how immature they are.