Sunday, July 20, 2008

Great Responses from the Community

I got this link from Atheist Revolution. A columnist in Georgia decided to try and subtly jab at the atheist community through his Saturday column. I'm not so much posting about the article itself, which is really just poorly written and uninformed garbage. What I'm actually impressed by is the stream of outstanding outcry that his article received.
I will credit the attention the article got to the blogger community, as I can't believe that many people actually would read this guy. Of course, I'm sure there are a lot of local columnists all over this great land that are not exactly brilliant journalists. No surprise that the article is weak... just that he is so easily and handily ripped to shreds in the comments the article gets. Go for the ignorance, stay for the slaughter.

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vjack said...

I believe that there were two factors contributing to the comments this tool received. The first was likely my blog post. The second and far more important was the forum thread I started at Atheist Nexus bringing this to everyone's attention. Atheist Nexus now has nearly 3,000 members. Mobilizing those kind of numbers isn't easy but it sure can be effective.

I invite you and your readers to check out Atheist Nexus at