Friday, September 21, 2007

More Rapist Preachers / Priests

Its old news, and we hear it everyday. Whether its a teacher, a cop, or a priest, the abuse of authority and the community's trust in them. Kenton, OH which is a very small town in north-central Ohio, is home to a preacher who raped one teenager girl, and tried to rape a second. These horrific acts of religious authorities have become status quo, and that is sick.

Some pscycho-analysis (of people like Senator Craig) will tell us that sometimes the most outspoken moralists and conservatives may in fact be redirecting hidden and shameful inner feelings. Too often religion is used as the means to bury these impulses, and it continues to fail. Science and psychology have not solved everything, but they have put much more methodology and reason into the potential cures. Religion, its dogma, its ancient traditions, and its superstitions do nothing other than put a lid on a pot that is about to boil over.

More on this tomorrow, and GOD's reply to Senator Ernie Chambers. I will start with this: what kind of pretentious, self-righteous, arrogant prick would actually have the nerve to pretend to be HIS OWN GOD and draw up some unbelievable shit like this? Unfortunately, this response is not at all surprising. I don't know much about the good senator from Nebraska, but good for him for making the statement.

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