Saturday, September 29, 2007

God of the Gaps

God's gap is getting increasingly smaller. Thanks to the advances of science and technology the domain of superstition, mysticism, and religious dogma has become much, much smaller. It is because of this that a person of average intelligence and curiosity for the world around them can so easily realize the truth. Let's try and look at it in a very simple way:
  • I am typing on a computer, connected to a world wide network of computers.
  • Computers are possible because of advances in science, technology, and overall enlightenment and education of the general public
  • Science, through its proven and repeatable methods, have given us a range of theories
  • Among these theories are the theory of relativity, string theory, the Big Bang theory, and evolution
  • All of these theories are directly contradictory to many of the key theories put in place by religion and superstitions, which also attempt to explain the world, life, death, and the beginning of human existence.
  • Christians and Muslims, who do not allow for the fact that their scriptures may not be totally true, are forced to condemn the findings of science.
  • Those who do accept some of the science, but refuse to give up religion, are forced to dwell in the gaps.
With that, I present The Anointed-One's argument against atheism. Thanks to a poster on the Atheist Revolution website for pointing this out. This is a very well thought out attempt at marrying science and superstition. I give this credit for now, I have not had the time to really dig into the details. I will be interested to hear other's thoughts.


vjack said...

Of course, there is always the option of outright rejecting science and technology to preserve one's religious delusions. For example, see

Neil Phalanx said...

I wonder if they issued the fatwa through text messaging and email. If a Christian nation and an Islam nation are my options... well, thank goodness we still have some tolerance in this country.