Friday, February 26, 2010

Ramsnackle Pissthong Jr. will Save us all

His birth went largely unnoticed in the icy backroads of Cairo, OH during the winter of 2010. Unnoticed but for the policeman, the factory worker, and the drinker who were all coming home from their night of heavy "merriment".

When they saw the gas leak induced hallucinations from the refinery about 5 miles south, they knew they were about to meet the newly born King of the Caucasions.

Ramsnackle Pissthong Jr. was named for the non-biological father, think creepy older uncle-type boyfriend of Nancy Hamslapper. Nancy, self-proclaimed and un-verified virgin gave birth to little 7lb 8oz Ramsnackle Jr., or Ram Jr. for short.

Many miracles would come from young Ram Jr. as he grows, including walking on and only partially falling through frozen water, and turning MGD into PBR.

End Chapter L Olphlam 6: Book of Roger

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