Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monique Davis: Unleashing Christian Hate!

Monique Davis

The RichardDawkins.net website is asking Chicago area voters to protest this representative to the Illinois General Assembly, after her hilariously uncensored and hateful shouting at an atheist activist named Rob Sherman.

I had to listen to this little clip from the website, and I have to say I am impressed. This just reeks of someone who is so convinced of their righteousness and piousness, that they are able to dehumanize someone who does not believe as they do. The hostility that comes from this elected official is disturbing, especially with her linking of atheism to some desire to wish children harm!

Now, I could be taking this out of context... which is done enough on both sides of this argument. Regardless, the hostility felt here is genuine, and Mr. Sherman remains composed and quiet while this woman runs all over him with accusations of wanting to "destroy all this state was built on", or some such insanity.

This is the article: http://richarddawkins.net/article,2441,Get-out-of-here-atheists,PZ-Myers-Pharyngula

Read and bleed for yourself.


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vjack said...

I continue to have a difficult time understanding how this story has basically been dropped, even by the atheist community. I wrote several posts on it and continue to link to the story periodically in an effort to keep it in people's minds, but I can tell it is a losing battle. She got away with her half-ass apology only to Sherman and will not issue one to the millions of atheists she insulted.