Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finally, my title has a relevant post.

Discovery magazine had an interesting edition that I read, in it's entirety on my flight from DFW to CMH. One of which was the 6 most important experiments of the year.

Xenon is a project being done by Rice University to actually discover dark matter.

As the article says far more eloquently than I could, this could prove just one more thing about the beautiful insignificance of humanity in the scheme of the cosmos... we are not even made of the stuff that composes most of the universe.

Really, that should tell us even more how improbable and incredible life as we know it is. Truly, that is much more inspirational than a giant wizard in the clouds controlling our destiny. I serve no master. I just spin on a tiny rock on the outside of a giant pinwheel of galactic dust, hurling through space at thousands of miles per second. Cool.

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