Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kinda Busy.... Started New Job

Admittedly a bit off topic, but noteworthy none the less. I not only left the best job I ever had, I joined a tiny young company that was in the midst of starting a giant legal throw down with a jaded partner. I really should not say much even with my pseudo anonymity, so I won't. It has just been very busy and crazy taking on this new role with dreams of turning this small feisty company into a stable and lucrative enterprise.

I always hope to someday take my skills into a non-profit community based venture that will be my contribution to society. I do not think all is lost, but I know much help is needed. I want my success to be a model for other godless fiends such as myself. I want to support those willing to not only voice dissent over ancient superstition, but to take some kind of positive stand to show that godlessness does not equal evil. Sure, its tempting to be a Malcom X, but I'm trying to be a Martin Luther King, Jr. here. Trying.

Glad to get something written anyway. Peace.

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